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 Complete Spelling of the word "Gov.," = Government

The Original Headquarters of The Golden Palace oversees directly to The Three Palace Headquarters of The three types of Kingdom category:

For All the Kingdoms consisted in leading of above three types of Kingdom-headquarters, National Diamond Palaces of each particular nation assigned by Regional Diamond Palaces of particular regions, usually runs each and every nation on behalf of The Golden Palace as at National Palace especially for internal affair of each and every Kingdom independently. Thus, once a nation qualified into any of above three kingdoms, capable nationals of each own particular nation will be selected to practice after training periods scheduled by Teaching Palaces overseen by The Diamond Palace Origin [that also must always have The Majesty Permission of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE and The Original Golden Palace, beforehand, for every task to result proper progress]. The Absolute Credentials can come only from Clarity at Moral Rightness in order of getting The Majesty Permission in written of The Majesty Symbol (with Majesty Stamp Fees have to be paid for every permission given) of the Palace Headquarters of Her Majesty. The Result will lead to continue integrity of every responsible personnel, to be able to earn endless possibility of prestige and reputation, with suitable insignia within each unique rotation that can be assigned only by the Assurance of Her Majesty's Solemnly Own World Palace Establishments. Every Stamp Fees are counted for the Future of ALL Human Creatures in Living. This is the Only Way to Guarantee All Human Lives to be able to maintain prosper, precious, and fully secured, even of The Majesty Kingdom Origin. Therefore: All The World Palace Establishments of Her Majesty shall be respected at 1st priority and care of must be made by Her Majesty's directly appointed Golden Generals of All The World United Military. Presentations of Detail Project are briefly listed at this page.

External affairs of every kingdom
are mostly handled by The Regional Accolade Palaces of Every Region respectively at balance, working jointly together at each office of every particular kingdom that has each own National Diamond Palaces HQ, overseen by The Central Regional Palace Headquarters jointly working together at Family Kingdoms, according to Principle Elements projected by Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty with Majesty Family Members of which The Leading Majesty Kingdom Origin since The Majesty  Crown Era, of 1st Century B.C.

Differ from typical ordinary (Royal Kingdoms): Golden Royal Kingdoms of The Golden Palace Origin and The Diamond Palace Original Headquarters on behalf of The Golden Palace is run by The Palace of The Majesty Kingdom, Majesty Solemnly Own Asset of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE, Care of by The Unity of World Majesty Councils assigned regionally to work for Her World Palaces at every region.

The World Kingdoms and World Nations
altogether are combined as The World Sovereignty Headquarters at invisible unstated locations in rotation as The Absolute Command Headquarters for The World Security of every regions and All The World Nations.

The Major Mission is: to run the
 World Economic to be stability which is structured differently between each other or among World Sovereignties, at each own independence right to be able to do the national businesses successfully during the peaceful specified development period, for not to face unexpected cost or
unnecessary wasting time or ineffective interruption such as economic sanction from/by else any nation or else any region at sole purpose of unfair economic competition or political related regional discrimination or any types of discrimination such as for the differences of race, sex, color, origin, religion or just because of  personally hating to the leaders of other nations (who and which are working in absolute loving care to invest/improve economy at locals of all other nations) or individual dislike cause of serious-nationalism with hostile behavior of some developed (so-called powerful nations or any small developing country of any extremists) such as by or via bad intention in acts of warfare that tries to intimidate any other smaller nations (or developing nations).

The aspect is established as a most needy element: especially for all the sovereign nations where are
at present: having the suitable leaders in being able to determine what is the best protection for the people; as an independence enough to be in strength to run by as a Kingdom, for the sake of its people and the entire nation, from corruption free governing (although it may still have various particular governing system as by a nation at each self), together with the entire people who run the private businesses, not to face national economic fallen into unrecoverable-downturn that frequently caused of internal or external political imbalance within boundaries of every nation, as of now or in the future.

To be able to bear the World Peace and Each Own Peaceful Existence of Every Nation; every land which is whether only as a nation or just a state but with the right of sovereignty at no matter whereas located or designated on any size of earth surface, every nation is encourage to be better a kingdom thus can now have national freedom to redeem the divine privilege by newly installing through Diamond Palaces Worldwide [Attach with Formal Written Permission of The Golden Palace of Her Majesty] which stands firm as on behalf of World Majesty Leading; The Only Teaching Kingdom. One Most Important thing to remember is "Majesty Installation" to EVERY State of World States Kingdom or World Royal Kingdoms has to be paid for All the fees and necessary expenses to The Palace Headquarters of Her Majesty as This is "Market Governing" for Most Important Matters of "World Security" to protect independence of every nation. only then to grow "World Economic" entirely at the best effort of Majesty Enterprises projected by The Majesty Solemn Golden Asset of Her Majesty. Every U.S. Dollar and Every Unit of Local Currency shall be invested to earn back at least double in return regularly to improve Living Standard of Local Populations [including the future of all, and peaceful security of everyone still works or retired from Governments]. Invest at all your best effort at least surely well: PAY back to the palace works of Her Majesty. It'll certainly be purely worth it. DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL OR DO NOT RUN HOWSOEVER WITHOUT PERMISSION OR PRINCIPLE KNOWLEDGE OF HER MAJESTY HM. DR. AYE HM THE WORLD MAJESTY. Focus the Greatest Respect to All Yourselves to be able to maintain your "Honesty, Uprightness & Dignity".

New Module of Kingdom Structure for every particular nation can be requested at select able level, to be fitted with each own particular request, or to become a State Kingdom from a state of commoners or a Royal Kingdom from a state kingdom or to raise up in joining ceremonially as to become a family kingdom of The Majesty Kingdom), request via electronic mails as at dynamic-fastest-communication.  

Requirement or Qualification will be determined by the Golden Palace Origin, in which for each Kingdom to be installed at, as a most suitable one will be selected from Three Types of above Kingdom Establishments.   

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          New Kingdom Installation or Market Governing          

The Fee for a pre-determination of HM, for any level of kingdom, is 3 billion per hour upfront required
 to pay, when to have an official appointment at any of her palace, Not just at The World Palaces HQ. 

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