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This site will be filled immediately once after the campaigns and projects launch.


Current Progress

Research Process of the Palaces are always ongoing while preparing for all the campaigns:

  Excessively often annoyances, to every innocent individual of public, and also to some good
administrative governing practices, at the same time to business practices of best Corporate
Leaders, not to be able to raise up the national businesses or world economics in these days,
are the worst & hardest obstacles, of sluggish politic trick itself at unrealistic overreactions.

Wasting everything of them which those are unable to solve even to all their own problems.
So at those lacks of them, Her Majesty & the palace have to wait all those childish manners.

Such childish manners include trying to be hero/making themselves important by creating
unnecessary non-sense questionnaire to pubic, to feel uneasy/uncomfortable, or to fear of
everything, without needing to answer anything, as bad as manipulating psychosis survey
in asking to cheer them at whatever they are doing very bad, just to get public attentions.

However and whenever such happens, direct related particular team of our palaces have to
avoid such nonsense unnecessary difficulty, by going alternative road that we never should
go such far for any matter. So that whatever takes long, just ignore them, and join us here.   

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