Always differ from noisy politic campaign, any public program of The Guidance by The Majesty or The Diamond Palace  is not that much crowded. But just as is in making sense: lesser crowd means least wasting of everything including time, money and many other more important things, most importantly each own human life & human energy to be healthy even just to keep alive. If are not wasted with its, we can then use our energy, and of anyone & anything at urgent needs of each & everyone in our family, or human lives in needs of anyone that we can afford at when and where matter the most at least for ourselves; for all other human beings, for the lives at needy progress..

So, be cool with quiet productive to be real pleased: that can be found at many where such as at community bands at weekends or enjoy with Orchestra of your society and bring your loved one with you to share in lovely things and activities at Friday nights. The kinds of crowd with smiles and joy are much more pleasurable than arousal events (such as unsystematic bars that filled with drugs, smoking and alcohol) that force out your  excitement or anger into emotional damages; simply which can make your organs infectious; sick or weaker time after time with nothing will be benefited.

When you feel the peace yourselves, you can handle your mind and body more easily. You will be able to decide what is right for your life; you certainly will be able to create or innovate what you can do at your best for almost everything. Anything else that you cannot concentrate yet or haven’t known yet how to do, can get help from getting close enough in exchange the knowledge with your partner, your neighbor, and your community. Just make sure that you don't annoy them when anyone is resting at personal time of relax. It's better for all of you to connect each other with full of respect, in using only the virtual connection to make an appointment such as email, instant message, society networks, even just for joy or for any matter.

Meet on the street once in a while with neighbor or regular staying at home every day with your partner or loved ones are not that much serious in caring enough each other.  We all shall make our times at least once a month for a dining, or for a concept, or to watch a movie among the people or special treats at private RSVP.

There will be many more occasions in decency that we all will together be able to see or feel at ease. Let's just go step by step not to miss out any task or any important timing that very important, in developing our beautiful mind and healthy to be our bodily functions, for the long run to be able to live as longest as in possibility.

Loving at Our Best,
We The Majesty
  With entire world public, and
                                                                  as The World Government

The List of Campaigns will be coming soon. So, prepare yourselves to become cool-enough.

Updated at 11:11 AM on 6/20/2020 Saturday.
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